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Family and Friends

My children, Ryan and Kalen

My two, wonderful sons Ryan and Kalen. Ryan is my oldest son, he’s 25. He graduated from UT with a computer engineering degree and is in his final semester of graduate school at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Ryan is an amazing inspiration to me. He is smart but more important than that….he can take all that life dishes out and continue to look in a forward direction every time. He’s amazing and a great example to follow. Kalen is 22, and is in the Geology curriculum at UT. It’s not easy to get into UT because it’s such a popular school but he did it. Kalen loves to do physically challenging things like surf….climb rocks…..ride bikes….etc. He has always been physically active and is always up for challenging himself to do more. Since he’s been very little he takes a challenge well and never seems to give up. Both my boys are good boys…..OK, men…..(but always my boys) and I love them so very much. Go RYAN….GO KALEN….you’re awesome and everything I’ve ever hoped to have in sons. Love ya!!

Thank you Momma for believing in me, for encouraging me, and for being such a wonderful friend and Mother. You are…..the very best and I’m so glad He sent me to you.

My Mother

My Mother and I when I was young

My Dad and my nephew