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Fhelps de Domus Didacus

2013 Best Sweedish Puppy

Fhelps de Domus Didacus is the direct son of Winnie Von Arminius 2000 and V2 & VA4 Wallaby Vom Kapellenberg. Winnie, (Fhelps dam) is a TOP producing female and the following are the titles of some of her progeny on the right.

As you will see when you study the bloodlines a bit, Fhelps comes from the best and most well proven lines available in a pedigree.  Fhelps himself is nothing short of amazing.  He is the PERFECT balance of looks, conformation intelligence, and exactly what we are looking for to produce the best pups possible.  Fhelps is a very handsome, large, strong boned male with impeccable character.  

More photos of Fhelps

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